Fortnite arrives at 5.30 with enhanced controls on Android and more news

Since it’s been several weeks since Fortnite came to Android from the hand of Samsung, to later begin a period of open beta for all those owners of devices compatible with the game. Now, when a fair number of Android users are already enjoying the long-awaited Battle Royale in their terminals, Fortnite gets one of its first updates since he landed on the mobile platform most used in the world.

The new version of Fortnite is today announced by Epic Games corresponds to the numbering 5.30, and in addition bring a number of new features for all platforms, also focuses on improving the controls of the mobile version.

Fortnite v5.30, all the news

Starting with the news related to the issue of game-oriented mobile phones, we find that Fortnite for Android has improved the controls related to the driving in the game. In the first place, the game adds a dedicated button to perform powerslide while driving a vehicle ATK, and the button you can use to get out of the vehicle now “always be consistent”, according to Epic Games.

Also appear solutions to some bugs reported by users, as the camera jumps which were happening when you move the character and look around simultaneously, or certain losses of quality in the image of the game in some situations.

beyond these solutions, from Epic Games also announced the arrival of a new item to Fortnite: Rift-to-Go. This is an item that allows players to invoke a gap with which to teleport above the position in which they are found, and slip down to fall on top of their rivals. This element, however, appears rarely in the games, and players will only be able to carry two of them over at the same time. Can be found in chests, boxes of supplies, looting of flames and vending machines

The new version of Fortnite should appear soon for all users of the game who have this installed on their Android phones through the app installer. The rest of changes and new features are available in the changelog official published by the company.

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