Forget about the problems of WiFi with the router from Xiaomi, My WiFi Mesh

Xiaomi to launch new products to grow their already extensive catalog. Just a few days ago, here is My Ergonomic Chair, a chair that looks super comfy and practical for work on the PC. Now we introduces a new product, something more technological. It is a router 5G called My WiFi Mesh.

A router Xiaomi’s thinking to the new networks, 5G

Xiaomi Mi Wifi Mesh

Xiaomi Mi WiFi Mesh is not the first router manufactured by the chinese firm. In fact, several models among which Xiaomi router 4Q, an excellent router that you can buy for little more than 20 euros. However, this is unlike the rest because allows mesh network.

My WiFi Mesh is ideal for large houses or large areas where coverage can be lost at some points because of the distance of the signal. This is due to a new technology known as a mesh network, which allows you to connect several router to extend the range of the signal. as does the Google Router that you can buy it here. A way of working is very different to that provided by the router conventional repeaters that require change of point of access as we move within the network.

Features of Xiaomi Mi WiFi Mesh

  • Support Dual Band network 2.4 Ghz and 5Ghz.
  • 3 Ethernet ports.
  • Can reach speeds of up to 2.567 Mbps.
  • The package brings two routers.

For the moment we should expect according to what was said by Tang Mu, general manager of the Department of Smartphone Hardware of Xiaomi, who has indicated that the router is in its beta phase but that will soon be on the market. It is unknown the price that this will have, but according to the type of technology aims to be the most expensive Xiaomi.

Source | ITHome

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