For every mobile you purchase in Spain, you now have to pay 1,10€ more

Spain has just reactivate the canon digital with the entry into force of the new Law on Intellectual Property according to the decree published yesterday in the official gazette. These changes were put in place last year, but today have returned to revive.

from now on, all devices (capable of making copies of files protected by copyright), such as smartphones, electronic tablets, and even memory cards, storage systems, etc will have to add a tax extra.

¿What tax will have to add these devices?

Let’s summarize, the new tax, according to the type of device:

  • hard Drives
    • Built – 5,45€
    • External– 6,45€
  • Printers
    • Monofunción 4,50€
    • Multifunction 5,25€
  • Tablets and devices with touch screen laptops

  • Recorders discs
    • Standard – 0,33€
    • Versatile– 1,86€
  • mobile Phones
  • Disks
    • From 0,08€ to 0,28€
  • USB sticks and memory cards

¿what use is this tax?

The idea is to devote this money to the entities that manage private copies. That is to say, that he would come to to compensate for the losses due to piracy in Spain. In fact, these quantities already have the distribution made:

  • In music
    • 40% for the author
    • 30% to the performers
    • 30% for the producer
  • In books
    • 55% for the author
    • 45% to the editor
  • In audio-visual
    • One-third for each one of the involved

Until the digital magazines will be able to collect for this fundraiser. Yes, there will be exceptions at this rate as the copies made by administrators to the public for professional use or those made by those who justify the use of professional products and have the authorization to do so.

do you Gain something with this?

According to the experts, the economic impact of piracy in the sector is about 6 times less than the 72 million euros, which could raise with this new canon digital.

From our point of view, coinciding with the majority of associations of internet users, this canon does not conform to the established procedures and is far above the amounts that are recognized by the studies the government itself. We’ll see how it evolves in the coming months.

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