Flickr reaches 4.0: new interface, 1TB of storage and new

flickr actualizacion

Since its last major redesign and its compatibility with Chromecast, we had not spoken again nothing about app Filckr . The truth is that today we have a reason to talk of this service to store, edit and share photos and videos online. Exactly, we mean that recently, as told in wwwhat `s new, it has landed in the Play Store for Android – and also in the shop my iOS – a major new update Flickr. It comes loaded with new features that then you husking.

Of course, there are good storage facilities photos and videos in the cloud such as Google Photos and independent of Google. Still, Flickr has the peculiarity that also allowed to sell our content, and trying to add incentives to continue investing in its service. And it is among us version 4.0 , which brings changes in the visual and functional. Before addressing developments regarding functional characteristics, we started discussing his aesthetic change. Flickr 4.0 see a total redesign of the interface user. Now they have decided to go for lighter colors and a similar aesthetic to what would be expected of a gallery smartphone .

Capturas Flickr 4.0

That said, we spent the rest of novelties. Undoubtedly, one of the most interest is awakening, is the inclusion of 1TB of free cloud storage . Now that we have more storage, they did not want to waste time, and have included at the end of Auto Sync to save your photos and videos on Flickr without worrying about anything. Finally, also they included a sorting files chronologically . Thus, it is now easier to find what you are looking for.

Play Store | Flickr 4.0 (Free)


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