FlexPai: mobile first folding and first to ride a Snapdragon processor 855

Although many believed that Samsung would be the first company to bring a mobile folding to the Android universe, there was a chinese brand that won her hand. We’re talking about a brand almost unknown called Royale, but that will now be a pioneer in the world of technology. why? Because their FlexPai, the first flip phone, also will be the first to mount the Snapdragon processor 855.

When Royale presented to the FlexPai, it was not certain that the processor of Qualcomm food to device folding. However, it was known that the cell mounts a set of chips really powerful. Now it’s official, the FlexiPai will be the first device to have a Snapdragon processor 855 in its interior.

Features filtered from the FlexPai

  • Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 855.
  • Screen flexible AMOLED 7.8 inches with a resolution of 1920 x 1440, 4:3 aspect ratio.
  • Cameras – rear-16 and 20 MP.
  • Battery of 3800 mAh capacity.

As you notice, the characteristics of this device are quite powerful. We will have to wait to see if the mobile folding Samsung exceeds the technical specifications of this interesting and new device.

The Flex Pai comes in three variants:

  • 6 GB + 128 GB: 8999 yuan (1,152.32 euros)
  • 8 GB + 256 GB: 9998 yuan (1280,24 euros)
  • 8 GB + 512 GB: 12.999 yuan (1664,52 euros)

All indications are that the first device folding will come to the end of December with his Snapdragon 855. Although not a recognized company, Royale achieved two major milestones in the Android universe with a single launch: mobile first folding and first mobile phone with Snapdragon 855. And to you, would you like to buy this mobile?

Source | Gizmochina

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