Five smartphones with unique features


Today, the main features of smartphones tend increasingly to resemble each other, but still exists a handful of terminals rather unique and peculiar features. Since equipped with mini-projectors to those with sensors able to detect and measure the radiation through a Geiger counter pocket phones you can safely say that this list will leave more than one / a fascinated and perhaps wanting to get something exclusive that not everyone has. From the list that have been made in PhoneArena terminals that we have drawn attention we bring.

To assist readers, we have established several guidelines to follow in making this article; the first one being that smartphones listed below will be available at the time of writing the article or in the very near future. We have also focused on devices that hit the market from 2013 to the specifications of these not remain extremely dated.

1.Turing Phone

According Turing Robotics Industries (TRI), the company behind this smartphone is the most secure phone in the world, with which it is intended to eliminate the loss of personal data. He’s also made a materials that claim to be “stronger than steel “. The Asian company announced its intention to manufacture 10,000 units available to book from July 31. The most basic version of 16 GB, will cost about $ 610 in the United States and will go on sale alongside the more “premium” model of the terminal, which will have 128 GB of storage and a price of about $ 870.

The Turing Phone, to which we devote an article in iPadizate and its creators whose design was inspired by the “Endurance” Interstellar ship is made of what the company calls Liquidmorfium, a material that is allegedly tougher and stronger than titanium or steel.


2. YotaPhone 2

This terminal produced by Russian manufacturer Yota, and you Andro4all reported here is the first in the world to have two screens: one electronic ink located at the rear and one in the front AMOLED . The great benefit of having a screen of this type is that it can be used to read, among other things.

Anyone who has used a e-reader sometime in your life know that These devices use a minimum of energy to perform their duties , as it only consumes power when moving from page or when new content is displayed on the screen, which brings great savings in battery is concerned.


3. Samsung Galaxy Beam 2

The Samsung Galaxy Beam 2 while not top end, has a rather surprising feature for a phone of this size.

With a 4’7 inch screen and a quad-core processor accompanied by 1GB of RAM, this handset boasts no big specifications, however has an integrated pico projector capable of projecting an image of 480 x 800 pixel on a flat surface .

Samsung Galaxy Beam 2

4. Pantone 107SH

The Japanese telecommunications company Softbank introduced this particular terminal as part of his winter collection 2013, the Pantone 107SH incorporating a Geiger counter. This small instrument to measure the radioactivity of an object or place . The introduction of this terminal in the market was largely the product of the nuclear incident in Fukushima in 2011, so it makes sense the manufacture thereof.

Apart from the Geiger counter, the handset is quite disappointing in terms of specifications. It has a 3.7 inch screen and 480 x 854 pixel resolution with a resistance IP57 certified against water and dust .


5. Oppo N3

Regarding specifications the terminal of Chinese brand was a real top model in its day that we did the analysis here Andro4all, but what makes it stand out above the rest and appear on our list is the camera.

What sets this smartphone is its motorized rotating camera, which has 16 MP and can be used as front and rear . While the predecessor to this terminal, the Oppo N1, had a rotating camera, it needed to be repositioned manually, as there was motorized. Being able to turn itself allows near-perfect panoramas.

Oppo N3 analisis

What do you think the list? Añadiríais another single terminal?

And you do you think? Head over five smartphones only to make your mark characteristics.

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