Firefox Send, the new way to share files that are automatically destroyed

Mozilla has created a free service of file transfer called Firefox Send. The great goodness of this new project is that you can configure the bindings for that are destroyed automatically after a period of time. Below we will tell you all you need to know about Firefox Send, use it is really simple!

note that Mozilla is committed to the safety of its users. For this reason, they have created this service that allows you to share files securely from any browser.

All you need to know about Firefox Send

Firefox Send use end-end encryption to keep the data secure since you share the file until the recipient opens it. In case outside little, it allows you to choose when to expire the link, set a number of downloads, and even set an optional password.

In Send you’ll be able to send files up to 1 GB fast. However, there is the possibility to register and obtain an account free for Firefox to increase the capacity up to 2.5 GB. Ideal for sharing files of professional design, university projects, or to the music of your favorite artists.

to Use Send is very simple, forget about complications in its operation. The recipient receives a link to click and download the file. You do not need an account with Firefox or anything like that, it is as quick as sending an e-mail!

How to use Firefox to Send

firefox send como usar

  • Go to the official website of Firefox Send from any browser. It is not mandatory that you use a Mozilla browser.
  • Press Select file or drag the file you want to share.
  • you Choose the expiration time for the link and press Upload.
  • Expects that the file will upload, and it will generate a download link. Then there is your part to let them get to the person you like. – it’s As simple!

Firefox Send will also be available as an Android application along this week. In the meantime, you can use Airdroid 4 to share files without the connection between mobile.

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