Find out which are the most difficult games for Android

In Google Play there is a large amount of games available for download. Games for all tastes: action, adventure, sports, terror, war, among others. Each one has its own level of complexity. But have you ever wondered, what are the most difficult games for Android? Here you what we have.

Impossible Road

Impossible Road is a game that will put your patience and your determination to the test. How? In a way that at a glance seems very simple, but that it can become maddening. Is to maintain a small sphere of white color within a track that moves by gliding down.

you Must to control the field on the road while trying to pass through the greatest amount of checkpoints possible. But you have to know that the road is going by tilting slowly as you advance in the game. Gradually the game increases its speed until the moment in which it becomes impossible to control.

Dare to download this game from the following link.

Don t Touch The Spikes

Don t Touch The Spikes is another one of those titles that will be a big challenge for you. It is a game that at first you will surely trust. But with just advance you will realize the error that you made to the trust. After a few moments the handling of the game becomes technically impossible.

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But, what should you do in this game? Control a small bird avoiding the thorns. The problem is that to keep the bird in the air and not touching any thorn is extremely complicated. To jump you should touch the screen, if the character touches the wall will turn toward the other side making it play in reverse. You also have to go eating all the candy that appear along the way.

¿you Think what is simple? we invite You to download it for you to show that you are made.

Super Hexagon

For only 2.20 € you can enjoy this challenging game. Super Hexagon will test all your skills at the time of play with your mobile. In this game you’ll need to keep a small dot in the center of the screen while everything around you moves.

in Addition, you will see drop bars on it at the rhythm of electronic music that you will speed up. Definitely a game not for the faint of heart. Its difficulty is very complex from the beginning. And passing the first minute, it becomes practically impossible.

Try to beat this game by downloading it via the link below.

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