Find out some details about the new flagship of Nokia

it is sometimes complicated to know if a rumor is or is not true but what we do know is that Nokia will return to the market of mobile as it should have been done before the launch of Windows Phone, from the hand of Android.

we Know that the company is about to launch a new mobile in collaboration with some chinese companies that we didn’t know is how would these mobile. They have filtering all kinds of phones during these months (high range, low range and even mobile water resistant) and the roadmap for the next two years seems to indicate that Nokia will focus on smartphones and virtual reality.


How will the new flagships of Nokia?

there Is talk that Nokia is going to get to the battle with phones for all audiences, after seeing the rumors all point in that it not only launched two new high-end phones the weird thing is that it have leaked a few specs a little weird.

  • Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 (don’t understand this: if you already have launched mobile phones with the 821 even though it may mean a decrease in costs).
  • Screen a 5.2 or 5.5-inch with a resolution QuadHD, 2K.
  • Cameras, high-quality using the famous optical Carl Zeiss that Nokia has already used in his day, and that so good results have given.
  • water Resistance with IP67 rating that would confirm that the Nokia phones, though they could be metal, would have a good water resistance and that is always positive. If Nokia wants to take off in Asia the water-resistance in Japan is mandatory.

we don’t understand very well what the Snapdragon 820 in a flagship but nor are we hypocrites, we know that this processor has chicha for a while and that the 821 is nothing more than a small improvement compared to its predecessor. The Snapdragon 835 has also been announced and it would be a good option although we already know, the rumors can always change.

Nokia P1 Android

When will the new Nokia mobile?

despite the fact that Nokia had confirmed that it would launch its devices in 2016 or early 2017, it seems that we will not see any Nokia’s high-end until the MWC 2017 in Barcelona. The new Nokia D1C could also be launched in the MWC.

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