Find out if you need to change the battery to your phone

If you’re thinking about replace the battery of your mobile and do not know if it is necessary to do so, so don’t worry. Here we will explain what it is that you have to do to know for sure if you need to buy a new battery for your phone. Sometimes some users are quick to change the battery of your mobile, and they do this without knowing what the status of the same. It is best to find out how is health battery prior to spend money in vain.

How to know if I need to change the battery of the phone

With these steps we’ll leave you then, you’ll know in seconds what is the state of health of the battery of your mobile phone. Yes, to save you this whole process you can do a little test. The same is in to charge the phone to 100%, if the battery does not last more than 4 or 5 hours, for it dismisses this article and begin to think to buy a new battery for your smartphone.

Step 1

The first thing you should do is download the application Ampere. The same you can download from the Play Store by logging in from your mobile, or you can click on the link that we leave then.

Step 2

once you have downloaded and installed the respective application, you’ll need to run it. Once open, , you should wait until He has finished calculating the parameters related to the state of the battery.

Step 3

When the app has finished analyzing your phone’s battery, you’ll be able to observe different data that will be displayed in orange. Within these data you’ll be able to find the health of the battery of your phone. This option is found in the fourth parameter, below the level of the load.

Tip that you must take into account

In the case of the battery of the phone to display a health status less than good, but you should start thinking about a battery change. Similarly, we recommend you to charge the battery of the mobile phone up to 100% before you run the test. Because the results could be totally different when you run the app with the fully charged battery of course.

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