Filtered the first picture of the OnePlus 7, without notch or hole in screen

OnePlus is one of those brands that every year he makes something better than the last and this is not going to be less. Not do not even three months since the launch of the OnePlus 6T and we already see rumors of the new “7”. In this case we bring you a picture that shows the screen of this model… Without notch or camera embedded in the screen.

¿Where is the front camera of the OnePlus 7 in this leak?

In the image in question we can see two mobile phones. The one on the right seems to be the 6T (although it may be a new cheaper model still) but the interesting is that we are on the left. Below you have the image coming from SlashLeaks with, percent, a 100 by 100 reliability.

In it we see that is with a housing that does not show too much, but reveals to us a very important data. If you are clever you will notice that it leaves a hole too large, perfect to fit a screen slider as My Mix 3.

Virtually there are edges on the screen and we are left with the desire to see the bottom. If true, the OnePlus 7 will hide the sensors under the screen and have to swipe to bring them out to the light. He has also called the attention of the grille to the speaker, is bigger than what we are used to.

These are the 5 things that we expect to see in the OnePlus 7

We will have to wait for the next few months to get to know more details of this new “flagship killer”. Meanwhile, you can go with a eye to everything that we expect of the new OnePlus 7 from the article above. What has seemed to this leak? Do you think that your screen will be sliding? Leave your opinion in the comments section.

Source | Slash Leaks

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