Falcon Pro 3 is updated with new dark theme, organization of columns and more

Falcon Pro

Twitter is a social network very prominent, mainly because of its easy to use and easy interaction not only to compose your thoughts, opinions and experiences, but also such an information medium or easy to follow any character known and keep abreast of all developments.

Although the official app offers everything you need and functions found on the web, there are other third-party clients adding interesting tools that facilitate interaction, as well as being able to take two different accounts, as is If called Community Manager. These include some highlights as Fenix, Hootsuite or Falcon Pro 3, which has been updated to version 1.2 adding interesting new features.

One of the most remarkable and most visual is the new topic , which looks ideal for a dark night and we can curiously look set to be activated automatically according to the current time in our region .

In the sliding panel on the right, now we can hold down a column and slide up or down to change the order . In it, also making a gesture from right to left we rule these if we want to.

Do not you like the internal browser? because now you can disable and continue using your preferred, such as Chrome, Firefox or Opera, for example. The transitions have been corrected if your phone is in version 5.1 of Android, now everything should be properly.

Falcon pro 1.2

Among the most important developments, there are also other minor changes, fixes and improvements several errors that were present before. If you have an account with this Twitter client, since you can now enjoy the latest news from AP quoted.

How do you like the new update? Are you missing something essential, and that is not yet implemented?

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And you do you think? You stop by Falcon Pro 3 is updated with new dark theme, organization of columns and more to make your mark.

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