Facebook you spy if you do not have account created, but… how?

Facebook and the privacy issue… do Not get along too well. There have been several scandals of this social network, for example the most talked about is with Cambridge Analytica. What I have come to tell you about today and is something more hidden in all the senses: Facebook collects your data even if you don’t have account in the social network, how?

this is how applications share data with Facebook

Has been a report of Privacy International in charge of giving us all these data. Basically, we consider all the ways in which different applications share data with this social network.

The 42,55 per cent of the various applications of Google Play Store share data with Facebook. And yes, if you do not have account created, it doesn’t matter. To achieve these data have been tested many apps during the past year, 2018. Then you have all the most important points that we have found summary:

  • The 61 percent of the applications that have been proven to share data with Facebook at the same time that you open the application. All of this is based, roughly, in the SDK they use.
  • The information is based on what times and how often you use it and not only that, with you “ID out of Google’s ad” can get to know what type of person you are, from your sex to your religion.
  • “we have Also found some apps that send information to Facebook in the usual manner with datos is very detailed and sometimes sensitive (…) regardless of whether or not you have an account created”.

So you can erase your personal data and the history of Facebook

His conclusion, and our

The conclusion we have reached is quite simple: it is impossible to know exactly how Facebook uses all of these data. have Also found several legal points while it is another thing how it works the network before all of this.

ours is similar but very different: if you are using Internet Facebook knows about you in one way or another. there is No way to avoid that is to get your data but at least the GPDR (the data protection law of Europe) has raised a new horizon that no doubt has changed the way of thinking of all.

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