Facebook will be labeled automatically in videos


The technology of facial recognition of Facebook it is increasingly good, so much so that you will automatically tag in the videos that appear. Since we do not speak only of photos, but now we also ship to video. And is that up until now, we’ve seen this technology for the photographs that users upload on other users that have added, but it now also extends to the videos.

Facebook, labels automatic in the videos

videos 360 grados en facebookIf you go on a video with friends and upload, Facebook will recognize their faces and be labeled automatically in the video that you have uploaded. You already know that the guys at Facebook are always up photos les puts down the person who believes that it is, because with the technology of face recognition which ever works best, not wrong. And now, comes to the videos.

We can do it manually, but as will Facebook to go it alone. In the end, to have all registered users (and with a face that identifies it), could apply the algorithm correctly. This could fail for users who do not have their photos linked to tags, but it is another world apart.

An algorithm every time better

We like the new Facebook, it is really good and allows us to continue advancing in the social network. Because the truth is that these guys have very good programmers in this field, because they get things truly amazing.

And quiet, because not you will be tagged in all videos uploaded, but alone the that upload your friends. So if you’ve been to a football match and salts in the videos of several people that don’t have added, I’m afraid that you’ll stay without knowing it. Who knows if later we will be able to know… (it would be very useful to get more content our), but it could also be a chaos tags.

What do you think of the new Facebook?

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