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We love the Material Design, and we are eager to view the article in the Facebook Messenger in all its essence. And it is in these moments, we come up with an application of modern appearance, but it is not completely Material Design because it may still be so much more with these changes we will tell you throughout the article. Will we have a floating button? Find out what’s new Facebook Messenger with Material Design.

Facebook Messenger with Material Design is close to

Facebook Messenger will soon with a “redesign” light that follow a line more Material Design. The key is to achieve a design more clean, but it inspired more than ever in the concept of Material Design. In the following image, we can get an idea.

facebook messenger con material designThe main change that we see, is the floating button that would allow to start new conversations. What is true is that it looks very nice in Facebook Messenger, and sure that users quickly become accustomed to the new, we have already seen in many other applications.

Another change has to do with the status bar, which now would be transparent. In addition to the icons, which are smaller, more minimalistic. And the main that we see at the top, are shown darker. Nor do I see the line that separated each conversation in the list, so that now we find ourselves with a look more careful.

When do we get to see the changes?

These changes we like, and if you curdle not would take to view the articles. it Is undeniable that the new one is much nicer, mostly because it removes that huge blue bar at the bottom by a concealed button floating, you feel very well.

For now we do not know when we will have these changes, but we also do not believe that we have to wait a while out of the ordinary. Will be in evidence, and by APK we’re not going to take a long in having it if this continues.

What do you think of the new Facebook Messenger with Material Design?

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