Facebook is already ready to release reactions in the united States

Reacciones en Facebook

Facebook is not an app that changes things lightly and less the button of I Like that so many years has been available and has been proven to work very well. The button of I Like of Facebook has marked a big change on how users interact with the web but all over the world wanted something more.

In October 2015, the CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, has announced the alternative to the Like button of Facebook, a button for all users that allows for many more expressions than a simple option, and that is not negative for the social network. The reactions of Facebook can express something you like, what you love, you have fun, you are amazed, you are saddened or even that you’re angry but it’s not that you don’t like it. The reactions of Facebook are testing in Spain for months and now it seems that they are ready for release in the united States.

Reacciones de Facebook todas

The reactions of Facebook are a success

In accordance with the company’s statements to Bloomberg now Facebook will launch the new button of reactions for users in the united States during the next few weeks.

The social network plan a lot of things for a very simple reason, Facebook is a great and powerful tool that with a small change can cause a drop in users on a massive platform which would cause a devaluation of the same and that is not good for anyone.

The Like button is one of those great tools that even the different alternatives such as Twitter have had that copy. The button I Like allows you to emphasize the way of doing things but Facebook does not need a button, I don’t like as this would make people start to think negative and start to appear haters who ruin the publications of some people for no apparent reason (already comes with that people can report abuse, I know that it’s done).

As Facebook wanted a change and not wanting it to be bad for no one released the button reactions, and have tried for months to see that it really works. To a few days to see how people more evolved in terms of technological culture refers will have to see if you receive the button with the open arms or begin to complain, some will be unhappy but the idea is to have more happy than unhappy with the change.

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