Facebook improves the interface of Messenger finally!

not Many people know that Facebook Messenger is an application that already has as many users as WhatsApp, despite the fact that compel you to install.

in Addition to that, you should take into account that in some countries, Facebook Messenger is widely used messaging application to communicate with other users. Now, Messenger is not as comfortable to use as WhatsApp or, at least, until now, was not.

Facebook mejora interfaz Messenger

Facebook Messenger improves its interface significantly

One of the things worse it worked in Messenger, it was send audios, until now, to send a audio almost had to remove a FP, you’d have to go to the option more, look for the microphone, click a button, etc

Now this does not it is not so, Facebook Messenger, in the latest beta versions, it already allows you to send audio by clicking on the microphone button and holding while recording, like WhatsApp, if you want to delete it just drag out in time for release and ready.

substantial Improvements that facilitate communication

in Addition to that now the box for typing is smaller but when we click on it we can see the normal keyboard and the box is great for writing. The problem is that the interface is so loaded and has so many icons that at the end have had to reduce the dialog to a minimum.

What of the bubbles is something that usually like a lot, but the conversations window was a little confusing, especially to send audio and speak easily. Now we have everything is more organized, a first button to share the location, another to take pictures, another to attach things to the gallery and the fourth to send audio. As to the right of the box of writing we have the ability to send emojis, gifs, or stickers, followed by the classic I Like huge which I personally don’t usually use, I by me that I took it back.

What do you think are the last changes of Messenger? The reality is that now that is for users with WhatsApp it is likely that Facebook will start to to give more importance to your messaging application.

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