Facebook gives us tips to detect false news

Unless you live on another planet you will know that Facebook is fighting against the false news, so much so, that we could say that Facebook gives tips to detect false news. Have been the guys from the social network who have made a publication in a newspaper in which we can see the distinct tips and tips to detect them. Because the truth is that if there’s something in the social networks are all types of news, rumours, rumours…

Facebook wants to turn the social network into something real, although it is clear that you are not going to have anything easy, as there are many rumors that eventually end up becoming certain (and usually the preferred of the users), so that FB is going to have a lot to do if you want to get this over with. But today we have known more.

Facebook gives tips to detect false news

So we had the guys from Mashable, because what is clear is that Facebook does not want to give this fight up for lost, and wants to make them see their users continue to struggling to combat the news that is a lie in the social network. Because the truth is that there is news that even if they are fake can be harmless, and nothing happens, but many have played with “fake deaths” of characters, doing damage to certain persons only for the purpose of draw slice or win traffic.

But this has emerged especially for parliamentary elections June 8 in Great Britain. Because they have been the guys from Facebook those who have launched a campaign in the newspaper dan 10 tips on how to spot false news. If you thought you were never going to see a news from FB in the newspaper there you have it, and the truth is that has called us the attention, because in addition to has appeared in various newspapers to see more users from United Kingdom.

Facebook would remove also the false accounts of false news, to cut the root of the problem

it Is clear that it is a fight against the false information, to make the social network something more clean and safe since then. Especially in the face of these elections, which seems to be the reason which would have made him on this occasion, even though we know we are working on it to finish with the false news of once and for all.

These are the tips:

  • don’t trust the headlines.
  • Look at the URL.
  • Investigates the source.
  • Look at the format.
  • Look at the pictures.
  • Look at the date.
  • Checks the evidence.
  • Look at other report.
  • See if it is a joke.

in Addition, also have reported that they are working hard to identify and delete fake accounts that could be spreading false news.

What do you think of the news?

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