Facebook fixes the error that you would drink the battery of your Android

Facebook has started bad the year. What is certain is that your Android app is far from being what we understand as an app optimized. The application of Facebook for Android wastes a large part of the battery of your Android phone but yesterday has caused a fault via the server that you would drink the battery of your Android.

Yes, far from to confirm this, yesterday in the evening without barely using the phone I was with a consumption of 30% of the battery on the part of Facebook and with almost no battery. Yeah, after giving it a spin around the web this morning through Android Authority and confirmed my suspicions. Until David Marcus has confirmed the error through his Twitter account.


How to fix the error if Facebook drinks the battery of your Android?

In the case of applications such as Facebook or Messenger you have been drinking the battery of your Android device during the day of yesterday, you may have to take action. The error has been solved through the server but some users are still seeing as the app continues to consume battery life without sense.

you Can if you have a layer of personalization as EMUI or MIUI on your mobile you have reported a battery consumption is excessive during the afternoon of yesterday. If the problem persists it is best to clear the cache and data of the application (both of Facebook like Messenger) to fix it completely.


Yesterday I noticed the exaggerated consumption, and in fact this morning it still continued, as you can see in the statistics from my Galaxy S7. After this I proceeded to Force quit the app and clear its Cache and Data as I usually do.

we Want a version of Facebook optimized in 2017 is it so hard?

This morning a new update of Facebook was launched, surely, to fix the bug but if you still with it it is best that you do what you recommend. We know that Facebook app is a very important for everyone but even so we recommend to uninstall it if you have a lot of problems with it.

you Can use Metal for Facebook or the web version of the application, the less you will spend a lot less battery power than with the native version of Facebook for Android. When the tune of truth?