Facebook declares that the Philippines is at war

facebook filipinas guerra

everyone makes mistakes… but Facebook also makes it! The guys of Facebook wanted to congratulate the Independence day of the Philippines with a graph that showed a flag of the Philippines reversed, which means the Philippines is at war or has declared war. it Is clear that the guys of the big social network want to take care of all your users, regardless of their place of origin, which is perfect, but this time they were wrong.

we put You in situation: yesterday, Sunday, June 12, the Philippines celebrated Independence day and Facebook created a graphic in his honor for users to filipinos could share, but given the fact that the country had declared war… All this is what we have been able to know via Ubergizmo, and we are left stone. The chart is the following, but instead of putting the flag of the Philippines (blue on top & red underneath) put the reversed, declaring that the country is at war:

facebook guerra filipinas

Facebook is wrong with the flag of the Philippines

have You ever seen the flag of the previous image? If you’re not very familiar with this type of flags, it is possible that he will not be learning anything and you’re completely lost on where the problem is. But just know that the Philippines has a flag specifically for when he announces a state of war and it is with the colours of the flag reversed, that is to say, red on top and blue on the bottom.

we are Going, that Facebook announced in error that the Philippines was at war… when in fact I was looking forward to a happy Day of Independence, but by putting the flag inverted (when they are at war), users filipino alucinaron in color.

Facebook apologized to them, as expected:

“This was not intentional, sorry. We care deeply about the community in the Philippines and, in an attempt to connect to the people on the Day of Independence, we have made a mistake. “

An anecdote, of course with a happy ending.

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