Facebook could add a option to spend less data

Usar menos datos en Facebook

sometimes we don’t understand why people criticize both the application of Facebook and is that this application, despite everything, is one of the most commonly used in mobile phones and perhaps that is why you receive so much criticism, the more people use it more critical.

In our high-end mobile and more than enough space it works well but we are aware that in mobile mid-range low and in phones that have little space for the application of Facebook sometimes becomes completely unusual. In addition to hampering the performance of the mobile and spend the most of your battery power, the application of Facebook sometimes becomes so heavy that the people you choose to download the latest version of Facebook Lite, a simple version of Facebook that spends a few data but that is very short with respect to the original application.

¿Por qué usamos Facebook?

Facebook adds an option to spend less data

from what we can see in the alphas from Facebook (the native app), Facebook is testing a new button to use less data and it seems that this function will work in a way that will prevent a large consumption of data.

the moment this feature has not been confirmed nor do we know if finally come to Facebook but nor would it be so strange to include a mode of saving of the data in the application of Facebook. The capture is real and so that we can see the new mode to use less data on Facebook would load the images in a much smaller size than normal, saving a large amount of data already that Facebook spends a lot of data in images.

The images of Facebook would save a lot of data

If the native app of Facebook uses less data will be useful for all those users who have come with their data rates just to the end of the month and are looking forward to a little bit of slack to be able to sail at maximum speed for a longer time. would You like to see a way of saving data in Facebook or do you prefer to see before anything else?

The images from Facebook are now optimized for less consumption data but to lower the size of the same still more can be useful for saving a large amount of data.

Source | Android Police

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