Facebook activates safety check in Nigeria

Facebook activa el safety check en Nigeria

Facebook activates the safety check in Nigeria, in the pledge to the statement that yesterday aired the Mark, saying that would expand the tool of security checks to all the causes and natural disasters, and human alike, because that is what is fair. Good initiative from Facebook to this has been newly activation in Nigeria after the bombing last Tuesday, now users of Facebook that live there will be able to indicate if they are good.

Facebook active the “safety check” in Nigeria

Recall that yesterday, Tuesday, in Nigeria, more than 30 people died due to the bombings that they took place. Because of this, and the statement of Facebook, these guys decided to turn the checking feature of security so that they may also indicate if they are good, especially with the dozens injured that this event has left us.

Facebook activa el safety check en Nigeria

If you questions as came up with this bombardment, you will know that it was a suicide bomber on Tuesday sneaked into a vegetable market full of people in Yola, being one of the most affected places in the country so far this year.

This tragic event has caused that the guys at Facebook decided to activate the security check after what happened in Paris last Friday. After he accused the company for not treating all cases alike, and after the release yesterday, it is certain that it was most fair.

Safety check was born in 2014

let us Remember, that the security check or safety check Facebook came up for the first time in October 2014. And was used in April 2015, with what happened in Nepal. It is clear that we are faced with another misfortune, but Facebook did not hesitate to activate the safety control to the users, residents would indicate if they are well, the same thing he did with Paris.

The great news, is that the control of security arrives to Nigeria, so that it is possible to have it in all places alike (since yesterday).

What we want, is that you will no longer spend anything. Hopefully the guys at Facebook do not have to re-enable the other control of security.

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