Energy Tower System, sound in the vertical format

The Spanish company Energy Sistem continues to offer innovative products, such as its new family of computers Home Audio tower format. The new Energy Tower System committed to design and deliver a good sound quality to enjoy your movies, series, video games and favorite music.

Energy Tower System. Loud noise

Energy Tower System

The new Energy Tower System Bluetooth 2.0 TS3 and Energy Tower System Bluetooth 2.1 TS5 seek to integrate with our home, choosing to do so by an elegant and modern design in vertical format we let it stand in a corner of the room and enjoy better sound quality .

Energy Tower System

With its connection Bluetooth , we can hear our music wirelessly without bothersome cables and control playback from the device using the remote control feature. It also has a USB port and SD / SDHC cards, so that offers great versatility to play our audio files.

They also have FM radio tuning and keep our favorite stations. And if we want to use audio devices such as headsets, which do not have Bluetooth technology, we use only connection 3.5mm stereo jack included.

With respect to the above model, Energy Tower System TS5 , known for its attractive combination of black with red accents that give an elegance to the team. This is a stereo 2.1 offers an output of 6 W RMS and also has a subwoofer on the bottom, and thus be responsible for boosting the bass, providing exceptional sound quality.

Energy Tower System

For its part, TS3 2.0 Tower System Energy is available in two versions: black or white. The actual power offered is 20 W RMS.

Both teams have compatibility with all major operating systems (iOS, Android, Windows or BlackBerry), so we can connect all kinds of devices. They also provide several preset equalizer modes to suit our style of play.

Availability and prices Energy Tower System

Both models are available now priced at € 79.90 and TS5 € 59.90 if we choose the TS3.

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