Elephone S7, Galaxy S7 Edge for just 100 euros

elephone s7

we Know that the iPhone are copied by many firms in asian, but what is not so common is to do a Samsung. The new flagship of the rival more direct from Apple has marked trend at the global level, and a good proof of this is the Elephone S7, an android with appearance of Galaxy S7 Edge for just 100 euros and that is already giving much to talk about, both for its design as for its specifications.

If we speak of Android terminals chinese inevitably we have to mention the brand Elephone. This chinese manufacturer already has surprised us on more than one occasion with a terminal lowcost of interesting features, and it seems that the Elephone S7 boxed perfectly in that idea. A smartphone with the appearance of S7 Edge at low cost.

Elephone S7, Galaxy S7 Edge lowcost

Say if you copied it is because you have done well, but on this occasion Samsung has given him two cups of that lesson. The new Elephone S7 comes to the Android smartphone market with a aspect virtually identical to that of the new S7 Edge of Samsung, although with a few specifications that are radically different.

however, these specifications limited the saves will be more than its price, as it does not exceed 100 euros in most markets. If we compare it with 600-700 € we can find a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is not bad, don’t you think? we’ll Have to see what is on your inside first.

In its heart we can find a processor MediaTek Helium X25, that is not about far from the already popular Snapdragon 820, but that is not not bad for the least demanding in terms of processing capacity. The rest of its components are still a mystery, so we’ll have to wait to know more details about it.

elephone s7 prestaciones

the price is The best: $ 99

the price is The best without a doubt. The cheaper version will be the $ 99, and the version “premium“, probably with the double storage and 1 GB or 2 GB more of RAM, it will raise its price until the 189,99 dollars. What do you think?

If you love the Galaxy S7 Edge of Samsung but you can’t permitírtelo, the Elephone S7 is an option in china that sounds very interesting and I sure will give much to talk about in the next few months.

What do you think of the Elephone S7?

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