Ebooks: iPAD against paper book

new ipad touch with many more benefits than black, can store all textbooks you need color, interactive video, virtual keyboard is presented.

Apple iPad

Hewlett-Packard and Dell will also produce tablet-laptop computers. Moreover, there are rumors that Microsoft would develop a model of dual screen. The textbook industry moves 9.9 billion.
If electronic devices are the future of publishing textbooks, is it economically viable? “Publishers of textbooks know that their current model is doomed” not only looks like the wall placed before they destroy trees, but it is true that the conventional publishing industry will go down, as the prices of these devices also lower.


is assumed that the Apple tablet “boost demand for digital textbooks because it will stimulate the imagination of a new group of students who have not yet experimented with electronic textbook”. Apparently there are 75 million users of iPod and iPhone ready to use iPad because of the similarity.


A new label eBook Dynamic Books, it will create a book with your own text using material creation. Professor goes online, please visit authoring tools and to display the contents, make any changes deemed necessary, “the New York Times Brian Napack, president of Macmillan.” We do not even see. “

According to the Wall Street Journal: “For 25 years, people talk about the impact of technology in education. It seems that this will eventually happen in 2010”. I is expected that electronic textbook change education in general, the content in a different way be sold by publishers, the teacher teaches differently and the student will learn different. It will mean much lower costs, backpacks weightless, almost empty, but full of information, but the editorial challenge models. Although nearly 90% of American students have a laptop, is the percentage of book downloads low, savings that entails.

books of general interest or trade books, representing $ 8.1 billion in the US in 2008, slightly less than the market for textbooks. Ereaders revolutionize this market, nearly 3 million were purchased in the United States aparatoss. Disappear bookstores, books, but increase the download books for $ 10 and selling equipment. “Evolution is inevitable. It is only a matter of time.”

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