Durex wants emojis of condoms

Emoji Condom Durex

When it comes to keeping conversations erotic via apps like Tinder, WhatsApp, or directly to Facebook, there are people that make authentic virguerías with the emoticons to get a proposal of casual sex.

Is more, the casual sex is practiced, as many already know, millions and millions of people, but a company of condoms, Durex wants you to enter in the parlance of some other emoticon to claim safe sex creating emojis of condoms, for example. A few days ago I talked about flirtemoji, the emojis sex but this time is different, Durex wants to emoticons official and no fakes or extra options.

How would be the emoticons of condoms that you want to Durex?

Durex wants young people to be aware to to use a condom and make safe sex. Is more, 40% of young people use the emojis when you talk about sex and the vast majority it seems that you are not aware of the dangers of not protecting yourself with proper attire, as it can spread very serious diseases such as HIV or it can also be reached, that would not be the worst of cases, to an unwanted pregnancy.

The emojis of condoms serve to further enhance the safe sex

Durex has asked an official to the Unicode Consortium to include emoji of a condom during the World AIDS Day (1 December) and expect millions of people to use the hashtag #CondomEmoji to enhance this proposal and to make the emoji in the official list.

Although the emojis condoms were a reality, these would not come, at least until may 2016 that is the date that the Unicode Consortium will have its next appointment. Yes, next to this are already 67 more emojis that could be included in the Unicode Consortium, such as the two bars of bacon, a shotgun, a face drooling a groom dress tuxedo for the occasion happiest of his life.

Emojis de Codones de Durex

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