Drones, Xiaomi could arrive soon to the market

Drones de Xiaomi

┬┐A manufacturer of mobile phones by drones? This is what will happen with Xiaomi, a manufacturer of accessories of all kinds, we must not forget that Xiaomi is not a simple manufacturer of mobile phones but manufactures all kinds of devices and services, from televisions to cameras action going on by some of the mobile phones more interesting in the asian market but you must put the batteries as Huawei, its main competitor in china, has past in the sale of mobile phones.

Xiaomi could be working on drones and low-cost is that the UAV are those toys for the not so kids who have a fancy price and enter in this market with drones quality at a good price, could be interesting. If the Xiaomi Yi has competed with GoPro this time will have to to compete with DJI, the leading brand in the drones of consumption while in Spain, these aircraft may not be legal or be required a license to be able to blasting.

Who will manufacture the drones of Xiaomi?

This time seems to be that it will not be the company Xiao Yi in charge of making the quadric├│pteros but has partnered with the company Daijiang, a company with headquarters in Beijing very close to the headquarters of Xiaomi, in order to manufacture their own drones.

Xiaomi has denied all these rumors, but that does not mean that it is not true, however, enter a space and field as competitive as the drones take Xiaomi to make the case of the laws and regulations created by the different agencies for to protect from the danger of these drones in public spaces, because they are more dangerous than many think, not that these planes are going to be ‘ alone but because in the hands of pilots not experts, and with few skills flights can lead to damage of importance and even tragedies.

I would love to see as drones, Xiaomi hit the market and can be fastened to the Xiaomi Yi without problems, when will hit the market? where can you buy? By the time they are unanswered questions that will see the light in the next few months, we believe that it makes a lot of sense that Xiaomi have gotten to this market much competitiveness.

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