Download WhatsApp 2.16.258 with emojis giants [APK]

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If you have WhatsApp Beta, surely you’ve realized a little (or big) detail, because yesterday, Friday, at 12 in the morning, appeared the emojis giants in WhatsApp. When you have the beta WhatsApp 2.16.258, came suddenly, from one moment to another and without notice. It is more, I was talking on WhatsApp and putting emojis normal until you put a giant part of magic. If you want to have emojis giants in WhatsApp we’ll tell you how you can do it.

What we can see in the following screenshot, when some time ago the guys from WaBetaInfo we showed it in a tweet. Now you can already use them in your mobile without cheats, just with the beta!

emojis gigantes en WhatsApp

Emojis giants in WhatsApp

To have the emojis giants in WhatsApp, you will have to download WhatsApp Beta 2.16.258. From the time of the update, you’ll see great. The other user, with whom you talk, only you will see large if you have updated also.

You’ll be able to see the emojis more or less large. how Many more you put, the smaller will be. If you send just an emoji will be giant, as you put more emojis, are dwindling. With 4 emojis or more, as is the normal size of always. You will notice especially if you use just one emoji, because what you will see is quite large and looks great. On the other hand, the emoji heart is still huge and throbbing.

If you want to enjoy it, because you can do it from now on. If you don’t want them to look great do not update (but sooner or later will come equally to all). However, putting text next to the emoji or a space, as will be shown in normal size.

Download WhatsApp Beta 2.16.258 APK

If you dare download WhatsApp Beta 2.16.258 you’ll have already the new stuff from these guys, WhatsApp with emojis giants. We’ll leave you the link to APK Mirror for you to update and enjoy.

We recommend this version that goes like a lightning!

is Already available WhatsApp Beta 2.16.258.

Download | WhasApp Beta 2.16.258

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