Download WhatsApp 2.12.560 and active the quick response

Respuesta rapida WhatsApp

If you are someone who likes to have the latest version of WhatsApp for Android you should know that you can already enable quick reply in WhatsApp if you do it with the version 2.12.560 WhatsApp. The APK of this latest version allows you to have this feature before anyone else in your mobile.

Among the new features of the latest update this is the more remarkable, and at first it was thought that this feature of WhatsApp would be reduced to Android N but in the end the developers have decided to bring this new feature to Android in the latest beta of WhatsApp. Now, WhatsApp allows for rapid response in the beta does not mean that you are going to see so soon in the final version of the application where we know that some features disappear or arrive later than normal.

Activar respuesta rapida en WhatsApp

to Activate the quick reply WhatsApp on Android

If you’ve already downloaded this new version of WhatsApp you may have checked how it works the rapid response of WhatsApp. When you receive a message from WhatsApp in the notifications center shows the option that says “Reply” or “Answer“. When you click on this option opens a floating window in which you can reply to the message without entering the application WhatsApp.

This new window that until now it was not usual opens in the center of the screen and despite the fact that it seems to me horrible, serves to respond by a text with the keyboard drop-down is opened and also serves to answer using a voice note. On the contrary, if the message is to step down you can press the option “See” to open the conversation.

you Should know that when you type in the quick reply for WhatsApp the user in question you’re talking you will see on your mobile the state “Writing…” and not the Online status or the absence of connection. Now, if you want the users of WhatsApp does not see you in line here is a trick.

it Has become clear that the function is in a testing phase since some of the texts such as the option “Reply” still have not been translated into Spanish. Now, surely to arrive in the official version but because it does not have to be in the next. For now, the only way is to download the APK of WhatsApp 2.12.560. You don’t have to activate anything, once you have this version already you’ll automatically see the option to Reply, or Respond, if it is translated, in each notification.

Download | WhatsApp 2.12.560 APK

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