Download this pack with all APK of the Google Pixel


As you know, the new Google Pixel exclusive come with the very latest in all aspects. That is to say, they have the APKs latest apps of Google. If you also want to have the latest versions of the apps of Google, surely you want to get this pack of APKs that comes to us by the guys at XDA Developers, through which users will be able to enjoy the latest versions, as they will enjoy the users Pixel.

Google Pixel comes with the latest versions of the apps of Google, but many developers have already been put to work so that all mortals can download these apps. We’re going to talk to you about this pack APKs Google Pixel below, but you must have a couple of things clear first:


Download all APK Google Pixel

it Is important that before you download and install anything, you clear the following:

  • Many of the apps don’t introduce changes.
  • Many apps do not work.

it Always happens, that when we have a new version sometimes toome apps give problems. And others, especially if they are Google, they come designed for the new version of the operating, and there are versions that could give problems with old versions of Android. For it, as you’re faced with many apps that do not work in this pack, we still recommend that you download and take a look.

Some of the apps that are in this APK are the app of wallpapers, and the Pixel Launcher, you have spoken of him in the last few months. You’ll be able to customize your terminal and make it more yours with all these new features that come to us by the guys from XDA and that have been extracted from Pixel.

Download now all the APK of Pixel

If you want enjoy all these apps Pixel mode APK, you’ll simply have to hit a download at the link below. There are many APKs, so don’t go crazy. Remember to do so under your own responsibility. You do not have to spend anything, but keep in mind that some apps might give you problems. If you don’t want that, evĂ­talas and installs only a few.

Download | All the APK of Pixel

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