Download the wallpapers of the Galaxy S7

Missing a little over two weeks to the launch of Samsung Galaxy S7 and the truth is that you are seeing some other filtration very hard about the terminal of Samsung. The next flagship looks like it’s going to solve all the problems of the Galaxy S6 and will become the mobile excellence although by experience we know that no phone is perfect, there are always gaps.

Now, whether it is better or worse have already been leaked via SamMobile, the 13 wallpapers original it will carry the Samsung Galaxy S7 in your ROM, although we should also mention that the filtration is not official, and nothing ensures that are these the wallpapers official Galaxy S7 but it would be strange that it’s not what they were. As we do not want that you miss out then you will see the wallpapers and the truth is that they are very Samsung so that also would not be unlikely that yes would be the funds of screen original the Samsung Galaxy S7.

Funds of screen of the Samsung Galaxy S7

In the filtration are the 13 funds of screen of Samsung Galaxy S7 and you’ll be able to download each one of them by clicking on the photo, increasing, and downloading the background.

Fondo S7 1
Fondo S7 9
Fondo S7 6
Fondo S7 8
Fondo S7 5
Fondo S7 3
Fondo S7 7
Fondo S7 10
Fondo S7 4
Fondo S7 12
Fondo S7 13

in Addition to being able to download the funding form asymmetric a both abstract and also some square pictures that remind us a bit of the metro style but a little different, we can intuit that by the resolution the same the Galaxy S7 will carrying an excellent display with 2K resolution which will shine with great splendor.

Any filtration has already talked about the 2 days of autonomy for the Galaxy S7 and the truth is that it seems that one of them already speak of about 3600 mAh of battery for version Edge, a battery that is very capable and can cope with a range like this and getting a score over 100,000 points in AnTuTu. What do you think of the new samsung Galaxy S7? We are looking forward to testing it and seeing it at the Mobile World Congress in 2016.

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