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Something that surely all of us has ever passed is to go to a store and come to see that it was closed. Or simply do not know until what time you going to be open. Are common things that we would like to be able to save us. So, now we have an application that can help us avoid this type of situations. opening Hours is the name of this application. Thanks to it we know all the opening times of the business of an area.

Now when you use the application you will be able to save unnecessary trips a store that is then to be closed. Can certainly be a very interesting option and we can save you time and effort. do you Want to know how it works?

How it works opening Hours

The application is very simple and convenient to use, something which is certainly key for the users. As you have it installed you’re going to see what you are it is easy to move around in it and you will not have the slightest problem. In it we can find the opening hours of all the businesses of an area. Also contact information of the business is available. Like other applications, we can find business in a quick way.

allows Us to do a search on depending on the type of business that we seek (hotel, bank, pharmacy, clothing stores, restaurants…) and also area. That is to say, if we are looking for a business in our current location or in another. Simply enter the zip code or the city name and we will have a detailed list available. Once you do the search, the list teaches you both the business open as closed. If you click on a business you’ll be able to see your exact address and contact information (phone, email and fax).

in Addition, it includes a link to Google Maps. Thanks to this link you can to display the shortest path until such business. You can also store all the business that you frequent, in a section reserved. So that you have them available more quickly. If you have a business, you can add it to the application. Opening hours is an interesting application and of great utility. What do you think of this application?

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