Download Poke Radar for Pokemon GO for Android [APK]

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One of the apps most popular (lately) has just landed in the Google Play. Poke Radar is an app that allows us to know where to find the Pokémon in the Pokémon GO. And that is ideal for you to use in your city and know where they are hiding, so as to go to specific places to capture that you are missing in the Pokédex. You can already download Poke Radar for Pokemon GO for Android, an app that will leave you impressed and that you need to already have it in your terminal.

Pokémon GO is to be a success, so much so that they begin to appear all sorts of engaging apps. This helps us to to know the location of the Pokémon. You can see for yourself in the following image, where we see a blastoise that a user seems to have found in addition to other Pokémon (don’t trust always, for the users that add new locations will have the option to earn a vote).

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Download Poke Radar for Pokemon GO for Android

Poke Radar for Pokemon GO is now available in the Play Store. It is a great news, because even though we had it available on the web, now also as mobile app. In iOS now carry on enjoying a time.

With this app you’ll be able to discover the location of the Pokémon that other users have found in your city. You’ll be able to see the Pokémon nearby, and when they were found by other players.

The first problem are the users troll

But now I have to give you bad news… because the app does not work well. The users do not recommend at all and honestly I don’t either. I like the idea of the app, the problem is that there are many users trolls are devoted to lying about where they have found the Pokémon. As a result… might not be worth anything this app, because you’ll find reliable information and false.

Another problem is the data that consumes

Problems of the app:

  • Careful with the mobile data.
  • is Going very slow.

The note that has in these moments in the Play Store is very low. It is giving many problems. Please install it if you want to test it, but limits the use of mobile data. This you can do it from the Settings > Applications > Poke Radar.

To me this type of apps I like, but I recognize that despite the fact that take a while to waiting is not going at all well. I Want to try but be careful with the data as I tell you above.

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Download | Poke Radar [APK Mirror]

What do you think of the app? Did you tested?

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