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Yesterday I loved the beta of the new TouchWiz, a version that surely will be released with the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, but we now have many more data of this new version.

layer TouchWiz Samsung is one of the more we like it for possibilities, it is true that it is widely criticized in terms of performance and bloatware but we need to recognize that Samsung has many interesting applications and we can now download some of the applications that will bring Grace UX, the interface of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

Nuevo TouchWiz Note 7

Download applications of Grace UX, the interface of the Galaxy Note 7

On XDA, great forum and great community, have been filtered, the greater part of APKs are available for this new beta, and most of them can be downloaded without the need of being ROOT, although for some, yes you will be needed. Yes, they are only compatible with mobile Samsung updated to Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow.

we Find several applications and therefore we will go point-to-point with each of them:

  • Launcher Project Grace: You’ll be able to download the launcher of the new interface, will install a APK and unzip the file in a particular folder but the truth is that its installation is easy.
  • Gallery: Downloading the APK, you’ll be able to have the new Gallery of TouchWiz.
  • New keyboard: Is a keyboard a bit differently, just install the APK and ready, it is quite easy.
  • Calculator: it Has a color more vivid but little that is new, download and install the APK.
  • Recorder: Another extra application with design changes, you can download it from the link at the end like all.
  • Messages: The new interface for the messages application is interesting, download the APK.
  • Phone: This application allows us to change the dialer and also the contacts application from the APK.

in Addition to these applications we can find more in the post from XDA that you leave at the end of the article, are applications such as music player, video player, the official application to send e-mails, SFinder, the clock to set alarms, etc

The problem is that you’ll have to play with the permissions ROOT and walk by restarting the phone to work properly. Worth a try to any of them, especially the launcher. In the following link you have all the APKs and the instructions to install some of them, in case of doubt, you can use our comments and we will help you.

Source and download | XDA Developers

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