Download Google Play Store to 7.4 with more filters and improvements [APK]

If you like to always have the latest version of each of your apps, sure that you go to the APKs from time to time. Today we have a good news, because it is possible to download Google Play Store 7.4, the latest version of the apps store in Google now available for ANDROID. As we have the guys from Android Police, this new version of Google Play comes with an occasional novelty and you can’t get lost if you want to discover what is in store for us this last version.


Download Google Play Store app 7.4 APK, what’s new

In the version 7.4 of the Google Play Store find new filters that will allow to squeeze your experience using the app. Among these filters are: by alphabetical order, last time updated, used for the last time and by size. This helps us to know which apps we use more and which less, in the face of possible deletions of apps for those users that have the storage at the top.

Among other novelties we find a greater control on the purchases. Now the Play Store requires permission from the owner each time that payments are made within the apps. You can block all purchases if desired, as for example, parents with younger children.

According to have found the guys of AP in this APK we also want to emphasize that it might be must have installed Google Play Games, although the users will not use this. We do not know when you will skip this notice, it is possible that at the time you install a new game. We’ll see how this works. It is not bad, of course, what is sought is to protect more purchases due to an error of the kids.

Download Google Play Store app 7.4 APK

If you want download Google Play Store app 7.4 APK you’re going to be able to do it easy from APK Mirror, without complications. You can upgrade as if you don’t want to wait for the new version let them see by the apps store of Google, because it may take a few days. If you want to enjoy the new version now, you have to download the app for APK now on the link below and enjoy all the new things that you have been told.

Download | Play Store 7.4 APK

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