Download Google Play 6.8.20 APK and go to the betas

Descargar Google Play 6.8.20 APK

If you want to download Google Play 6.8.20 APK is the time, because it is the latest version available to date and you’ll be able to enjoy many new features coming to the app store Google. It is important to live updated always and have the latest updates of everything. A few hours ago that it was official, and now you’re going to be able to do something that you don’t wait, because you’ll be able to access to the beta versions directly.

We get a new beta by Google, the Google Play 6.8.20. We love to have updates of the shop itself, because they are always interesting and make up something special. On this occasion, all users will have access to the beta versions (something that until now was not well). We can’t forget the following message and view the previous you show. There is No waste.

Beta de Google Maps

Google Play 6.8.20: access to the betas from the app

it Is important to have access to beta apps that we want, because we can see previous versions of our favorite apps without having to wait for the stable version. This is ideal for users more curious to enjoy the latest features of your favorite applications, while those that are not, therefore, just wait as always there is a new stable version available, not problems.

what do we? With the app directly on Google Play, without having to ask for access as we had to do until now. Yes, at the time of the installation of these apps will appear in the typical warning, indicating that the app or game is still in development and you might have problems. Inside the app, we will indicated if we are the beta tester and the option of desvincularnos.

we will Not have to take so much trouble as before. Now, simply we will see the apps that are not yet available in the Google store, as well as all kinds of apps and games that may contain bugs, but we love to try before they are released for everyone.

In one tab, we will also see the apps in which we have the beta, to have it controlled. Where? In the left menu that is displayed > My Apps and games > Beta. There you will see all the apps that are beta, it’s great and fast.

Download Google Play 6.8.20 APK

If you want to try this, you have to download Google Play 6.8.20 APK. I leave you the link to the APK Mirror for you to enjoy all these new features.

Remember that you’ll now be able to access the betas of the apps and games you want faster and easier. It is great for users who adore to fiddle with apps in testing!

Download | Google Play 6.8.20 APK (APK Mirror)

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