Download Google Drive 2.4 with folders colors and other new features [APK]


is now available for download Google Drive 2.4, a new version of the application that has interesting news and that you can have in your mobile. The main changes revolve around the Interface, we will now see much more color than before and has more in mind the usability and user experience. Already I advance that if you Drive these new features you will like, especially if you like to label folders by color.

Google Drive 2.4: What’s New

The main new developments as I mentioned revolve around the Interface and we can get an idea of how this is in the following image. So if we install the same APK Google Drive 2.4, we can estarlos enjoying on our mobile in a while:

google drive 2 4

  • Now we can change the color of folders (folders/tags colors). We will be able to organize them, for example, by importance based on the colors, to find them more easily, because until now it was a little chaos. How can we do it? through the 3 dots, there you will see this option “Change color”.
  • progress Bar. We shall see when you upload a file to Drive. It is not an improvement from the other world but it is not bad from then to know how the rise.
  • have Also been solved errors. Corrected failure of synchronization detected in some Lollipop. So if sufrías compatibility problems, a priori you should not follow padeciéndolos.
  • favorite Button also changes color to play with the folder.

As we read in Android Police, there is more news below, but this is the main thing and not have to waste any since then.

Download Google Drive 2.4 APK Mirror

On APK Mirror, a manager APKs of confidence, since we have available for download on Google Drive 2.4. The only thing you need is at least 19 MB of space on your terminal, and an Android 4.0 or higher, secure that you meet the requirements.

do you Already have? What do you think are the changes? You can download it again below, in the following link.

Download | Google Drive 2.4 [APK]

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