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Descargar Diep io para Android

That is a great success, we all know this, but there is life beyond this game, because these guys now have just launched, a tank game that is a success in the web. Now comes to Android to game mode and already you can download and play completely free.

Download for Android, the players of, as it is possible. This game hooks you, so much care because the other addiction is coming to Android.

Diep io tanques

Download for Android

The objective of is to shoot down tanks of the players, that they are enemies. If you like games of tanks and compete, you’re going to like.

The Interface presented is quite good, style And it is easy to use.

How do I play? you’ll Simply have to to move the tank and aim the direction of firing. The ultimate goal will be to shoot down the tanks of the players… and get a higher score to be in the lead in the score.

The another objective is to achieve the highest number of points. So we can to improve the tanks and get better weapons and skills.

Just with all the enemies and obstacles

In we will by all. The more competitive you are going to spend a bomb on this new addicting game that has no waste whatsoever. You’ll have to end everything you put in the middle. And to survive, dodging the attacks of your enemies.

multiplayer online will allow us to deal to many players, so the fun is guaranteed.

Download in the Play Store

If you convince the game, don’t hesitate to hit a download, free in the Play Store.

Is free and has no in-app purchases, which does not remove that in the future, to integrate them, but it is an important fact to keep in mind.

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