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There are many games controversial and many of them have not been withdrawn from the market. It is the case of Carmageddon, a game that shocked half the planet in the 90’s now comes to Android for free.

Carmageddon takes time to be available in Google Play but, until now, had only been possible to have it paying for the. Carmageddon has become a free-to-play and that allows you to download for free the game, that is to say, there is nothing to pay to play it on Android.

Carmageddon is now free for Android

Perhaps paid games do not have too much success on Android and so have taken the decision to do so. Stainless Games now offers the game free but has introduced a substantial change, the game has advertising that before, in the paid version, did not have.

The game, in addition to the advertising embedded, it also allows you to make purchases within the app as in the paid version. The purchase more interesting is the one that allows us to unlock all the cars (unless the car secret) by eur 0.79 and the other that allows us to unlock all the tracks in the game by other eur 0.79.

Carmegeddon now you can free download for Android

Carmageddon, in addition to being a game somewhat bloodthirsty, allows us to enjoy racing in free roam throughout the city. The problem of the game is not only going to be able to vandalize the cars of the rivals, but we can also run down a bunch of beings as pedestrians and cows, will give us extra points.

will Also be there impressive drifts we have used this saga. In total the game allows us to face 28 opponents different, in 11 scenes, with 36 levels of violence in the career mode and with a total of 30 different cars.

WP-Appbox: Carmageddon (Free*, Google Play) →

Is a game bloodthirsty but if we look beyond the violence of the game itself can be fun, are cars futuristic and the races are really entertaining. The jumps are also allowed, there is nothing lacking in the original title and the control has been adapted to the touch interface of the perfect form.

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