Download Camp Pokémon app for Android and let your kids join in the fun

Pokemon Comaster Android

The truth is that a few years ago that was not heard too much news about a saga that marked my childhood, Pokémon. This saga seems to be that with the passing of the years had been losing bellows although dozens of titles for consoles.

Now The Pokémon Company is working very hard to get strong to smartphones and this year we have a few games of Pokémon that we can’t let pass. This time there is talk of Camp Pokémon, but we couldn’t leave here without mentioning all the other projects that the company official of Pokémon you have in place for this 2016. Camp Pokemon is a perfect game for children of the house and what is true is that it is going to spend big.

Campamento Pokemon para Android

Camp Pokémon, the Pokémon game for children

This year, have come to the fore-game as a Pokémon Comaster, Pokémon OnlineO or even the game that we expect of all, the Pokémon Go. Now, we do not believe that they are the only ones as the Pokémon is put the batteries and is launching a bunch of titles. I personally would prefer that Pokémon is focused on one or two titles, but this strategy may allow him to have a benchmark in different markets or sectors.

Camp Pokémon already note that it is not a game that you intend to boot the smile of millions of people, but only is a quiet play that is based on the origins of this saga, the catch Pokémons in the form of stickers.

This game will take us to a island Pokémon where there is a need for looking at the different bugs around the stage. Yes, in the different levels will have to go by dragging your finger across the scene until you find a silhouette that will pursue with the finger preventing escape and flee. Once caught, the Pokémon will get a sticker of this and will be the main goal of the game, to make us with all the Pokémon.

WP-Appbox: Pokémon Ferienlager (Free, Google Play) →

stickers are beautiful and can be added to photos so that Camp Pokémon is also able to edit images. Yes, it is a game for children so it is good for your little brother or your son, if you want a challenge play any of the that you propose above.

Camp Pokémon can be download totally free from Google Play without any kind of micro-payment, translated into Spanish and ready to play. Are you going to try?

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