Download Android N Preview 4 for Xperia Z3

android n xperia z3

few days Ago we told you that the new version of Android N Preview 4 is already available, so that we can enjoy a version of Android N quite more stable than when he started all of this. But the big news right now, is that it is already possible to download Android N Preview 4 for Xperia Z3. So if you have this Sony, you’re in luck because you can also enjoy these changes, which are not few.

As you know, this new beta of Android N Preview 4 does not have too many changess. I will recommend you that if you are in the program of betas to update, because your terminal will be better, in every beta everything is running better as expected, since each time we have more stable versions.

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Download Android N Preview 4 for Xperia Z3

you Can download Android N Preview 4 to Xperia Z3 in 2 ways: via OTA or belonging to the program of betas. If you enter any of these links, you will see that it is now available for download, for example via OTA, we see that the Xperia Z3 is the only device not Nexus found in the list.

If you belong to the beta program probably already have the auto update, I recommend that you update.

what’s new in how to features are not too abundant. The only thing we’ve seen is that now the quick Adjustments are a little slow, because it leads directly to the window of the service in question, for example the Wi-Fi. As well as activate the resources of any app. However I recommend you to always update you have a version in testing, because it goes better. You can see my experience with Nexus 6S and Android N Preview 4.

If you have the Xperia Z3, you can go to be the time to try Android N. Now works better that ever, more or less to 90%. did You download or are you waiting for?

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