Download all applications in the Samsung Galaxy S8 and install them on your Galaxy S6 or S7

¡we can Already download applications of Samsung Galaxy S8! we have Not been able to see at the Mobile World Congress 2017, but it is as if he had been, because it is filtering a huge amount of things. Has been recorded on video by the street, we’ve seen hundreds of images, protectors and covers. You’ll be able to install the applications on the Galaxy S8 on a Galaxy S6 or Galaxy S7.

At the Mobile World Congress it usually take to remove wallpapers and unique applications, since it is one of the best opportunities (you have a mobile phone exclusive to you only, you can do whatever you want with it). The applications, however, the Galaxy S8, of course I have not been “stolen” from the MWC, they just haven’t been there (or at least from public view, we could not say if it has been in a stand private for certain members of the media).

These are the apps that have been filtered:

  • Galaxy S8 Music Player
  • Galaxy S8 Voice Recorder
  • Galaxy S8 Video App
  • Galaxy S8 S Translator
  • Galaxy S8 Sound Camp

How to download apps on Samsung Galaxy S8

The first thing that you will need to install these applications is a phone Samsung Android 7.0 Nougat or higher (it may work on Android 6.0 Marhsmallow, but have not tested it), of course with the layer of customization Touchwiz.

on the other hand, any phone that has a ROM basata in Touchwiz, even if it is an LG or an HTC, for example, could install them. The files installed have been filtered through the XDA Developers.

we do Not yet have or the web browser, or file explorer or the app of camera, or the gallery, which are perhaps the more important applications together with the application of video. However, I don’t think that take much longer to arrive, since before it had been leaked by another application, specifically the one that encrypts the folders and applications to increase the security on our phone.

To instatalarlas, download the files via Mega, which is the server that has used the person filtering the applications. We opened every one of you who want to install and voilà: already have them installed.

Within the apps themselves, we can clearly see a render very crude but informative as to the design of Samsung Galaxy S8: few edges, without front buttons and round edges, very to LG G6, for if there remained doubts with all the images that had been leaked.

More information | XDA-Developers

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