Don’t turn on notifications for Instagram, don’t be stupid


No, it is not true, it is not necessary to activate the notifications from Instagram. I have seen in the specialized press has echoed a hoax through Instagram. Many people have made that chaos to dominate the application of Facebook for that, in theory, Instagram is going to stop showing the notifications like up to now.

Yes, it is true, few weeks ago we have confirmed that Instagram will modify the timeline to display publications according to relevance and not by chronological order but this modification will not arrive in time. Until Instagram has made a clarification on Twitter I will do so in a few months and do it in the best way possible, at the root of this hoax.

Instagram no modifica el timeline ahora

No, it is not necessary to activate the notifications on Instagram

The instagramers have bombed their followers to “Active my notifications, please” and is tired of repeating it. Dale the three points, and active notifications. The hoax says that this Tuesday Instagram changes to display the pictures by relevance but this is not true.

The algorithm of Instagram is going to work as well in a few weeks or months, but not yet, don’t worry. The notifications are used for every time someone posts something to appear in your notification bar and that is a hassle. If you have done by error, you should know that the step to clear them is the same.

Asserts Instagram for people to lose a 70% of the content, and therefore will display the publications of a different way but you all. Of time Instagram continues to talk about listening to the community and it is still possible that this modification does not arrive this way, or that Instagram can see the photos in chronological order also. More than 56,000 people have used the hashtag #turmeon, is the hashtag used to follow some accounts for fear of losing their publications.

If you do you’re going to have hundreds of notifications in your toolbar and you’re going to go crazy. Of truth, do not listen, Instagram will work as always in the coming weeks. Ignore this kind of spam.

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