Don’t miss them! These are the best apps of the week

Since we went the first week of October, 2018, and as it could not be of another way we bring you the best apps of the week for Android. Before starting with the list we want to emphasize that this is not one of the best in tools/games are concerned. Are apps a bit basic and that does not bring anything new to the world Android.

Games and applications for Android

while all of these applications, you can download them free of charge, there are some of them which is to be paid “X” amount of money to be able to access all of its features.

Super Cat Such 2

A new platformer game that will allow you to explore different levels where the goal is to reach the end of each one of them. The title offers over 100 levels, unlockable characters, items and locations secret. Is one of the most fun games that can be found today in the Play Store.


Application of the type “informative” for your phone that will show you quickly a variety of data that might become of interest to you. In a few words, Inware allows you to to see the Android version of your mobile, the details of the display, specifications general, information of the camera front and rear, and many other things.

Marenian Tavern

The last mobile game of the type RPG of the company Kemco Games comes to Android. While it is free, it contains elements of the type freemium, so you’re almost forced to make a purchase within the game in order to obtain improvements in the course of the adventure.

Yahoo Together

The new messaging service looking for a place in the world is the new bet by Yahoo. Unlike other services of the same kind, Yahoo Together does focus on the group chat. It’s great to have talk with several friends, family members or work groups at the same time in a single application.

Chroniric XIX

The developer Playdius Games brings us a new adventure in where solving puzzles, find hidden objects and defeat enemies is paramount. It should be noted that it is a game quite unique, so we recommend you to try its free version before buying the game.

If there is any application from the list that will leave you up that you don’t like it, then leave in the box comment the reason. In this way we will be able to know a little more about your tastes and choose best applications for the next week.

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