Does your screen goes crazy while charging the mobile?

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Surely you’ve used the terminal while it is charging it at least once. If you have, you will notice that the screen goes crazy while charging. The result is that the system does not respond equally to the movements when the phone is not plugged into an outlet. The keyboard is going worse, jumps, and everything is a complete chaos. What happens to the screen that goes so wrong while the mobile load?, we look at what happens to the mobile screen while it is loading:

why the screen goes bad when charging the phone?

it Is possible that you have a smartphone with capacitive screen, well being as well, you should know that while you’re charging will never work as well.

The explanation is simple. When we left the mobile charging, occur changes of frequency constants. These changes are caused by the current, which causes it to go bad if we handle it while it is charging. It would be impossible to be virtually the same, always going to go more “slow”, with lag.

Against this we cannot fight, it is something normal. Therefore, if we take our mobile phone while it is charging, and press a key on the keyboard, it is possible to activate two even. Ourselves produce these changes by having a small electrical load, but to this we must add these frequency changes while it is charging.

Avoid using the mobile while charging

it is Not wrong to use the mobile while charging, but not recommended. The experience is going to be bad on our part, and could overheat and result in future problems. Take the opportunity to take a look at these tips to avoid the mobile go slow, sure it will come good.

xperia z3 plus sobrecalentamiento

it is Also important to emphasize that using the mobile in a way that “normal” may not notice anything. But if we have in mind to be in 10 conversations at once and both incoming and outgoing messages all the time, we’re going to be truly bad phone, because it is a lot of blow for your state.

what has happened to You this sometime? Take advantage of the comments area to tell us about your experience.

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