Does the Google Pixel with Bluetooth problems in the car?

Buy a terminal as expensive as it is the Google Pixel and those of bluetooth problems in the car, because that is what was missing, because we talk about a lot of money paid. Users in some countries have already tested this top of the range have witnessed many problems to connect it to the car. These problems happen because of failure of the Bluetooth to connect to the car. However, everything indicates that it would be in Android 7.1 Nougat more than in the device itself Google Pixel.


does Google Pixel with Bluetooth problems in the car?

Many users who have a Google Pixel have spoken of thiss problems of Pixel when you connect to the Bluetooth car. Are experiencing connection problems, which often fail. This is a problem because despite carrying the mobile phone is connected, it fails all the time and it does not work well the connection.

Some cases of users talk about that at the time of making the connection, it does not give problems when the audio is playing, but yes that fails equally when you receive a call. There are many users of Pixel that have gone through this problem, at least those who have a car and have it tested.

These users that claim that Pixel dan connection problems, have Android 7.1 Nougat series. So like the problem may be that equips the latest version of the os, Android 7.1 Nougat. Could be this the problem more than the Google Pixel itself. However, that does not know this, but Google may already be working on a solution.

it is Not known which is exactly the focus of the problem

The problem could be Android 7.1 Nougat or the own Pixel XL. For now what we do not know. Users will blame Google Pixel, but it is possible that a software update would solve it all.

is Not the first problem experienced by the Pixel, as we talk about the halos of light when taking photos in the Google Pixel. Another problem that will be solved with a software update.

we Hope to find soon the solution to all these problems.

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