Does the Google Pixel is safe?

The fact that you have hacked the Google Pixel on two occasions… makes us wonder.. whatGoogle Pixel it is safe to? Pay the stupid notion that the costs to the mobile terminal is not secure, it would be a real mess, so we will analyze to what extent it has been hacked this terminal and if it is serious what is happening, (because the Google engineers are not fools precisely).

hackers are very trolls, at least some. And is that it is already the second time in a few days that hackean the Pixel Google. This has been carried out in a event, PwnFest, in which the Qihoo 360 hacked into the Google Pixel through an exploit. What was this exploit? Open the Play Store, then Chrome and display a page, so simple, but sufficient to alter the normal operation of the device. The great work of these guys did that will be $ 120,000. Small geniuses.

Malware en Android

what Google’s Pixel is it safe?

is Not the first time that manage to hack Pixel Google. These terminals came into the market as a challenge, but already have been hacked for two times. This makes one have to wonder if Google Pixel it is safe to.

The only good that has all of this… (if there is anything good) is that the vulnerabilities have already been submitted to Google, to parchearlas and improve the security of the Pixel. This one is a relief for users, but there may be more doors open that have not been found yet. What is clear, is that these events have served to find vulberabilidades.. at least before the Google Pixel is put to sale throughout the world, because, in Spain, for example, have not yet come out, so that is a relief to users who are seriously thinking of whether to spend those 700-1000 euros in a Pixel.

what, Then is safe?

More or less. It will be safe when corrected, these two vulnerabilities. Actually, to be honest, everything is hackable. Normally, phones are expensive and more so if it’s Android, are all a challenge. Because it has been shown that they have been able to hack and with a simple exploit. But hey, the guys that have made this possible are geniuses, can’t do that either.

Google is already working to fix it. The Pixel are a step closer to being completely safe. Google Pixel it is safe to, you will not have nothing to fear.

The post how Google’s Pixel is it safe?

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