Do you want to see how much time you spend on YouTube each day?

¿have You ever wondered in more than a ocasie cuántos minutes to day invest to be on YouTube? do you Want to see if you are a lover of this social network like to spend hours and hours in it watching vídeos? Then the tool that has been created by the same people Google is especially for you.

The lords of the big G, in his desire to raise the awareness of users on the use of mobile apps-time high, has created a specific section display cuánto long you’ve been on YouTube in the day and the last week. This is how you can verify these data.

How to know how much time you spend on YouTube

Both on Android smartphones and in iOS devices the thing is going the same way and by following these instructions you will be able to know how much time you spend in the app:

  • Comes to the application of YouTube.
  • once inside, go to the option of Account, that is with the icon of your profile picture, just in the upper-right corner of the panel.
  • finally, go to the section Time of breedinge; here you’ll see the available statistics.

From this section will haveore access at the time you have invested wind YouTube in a day, day above and in the last week, as well as an item with the average time daily.

This tab is not specific in what mobile or device has been entered to the account, but surely if you enjoy this app with mobile selective, your experience to beá much mmore pleasant; not what we say, because it asserts the same company in the list of the best smartphones to watch YouTube.

What other things you can see and adjust from the section playback Time

From this portal you also have the possibility to squeeze YouTube to the max to see all the tools are available to manage the time on YouTube:

  • you Can activate the option of a reminder for you to take a break.
  • Also, you can turn off the automatic playing of the next video.
  • you can Also enable the option to receive a summary programmed with all the notifications.
  • finally, you can disable the sounds and vibrations of notifications at specific times.

¿Quand anything else you’d like to see on YouTube in the próximas updates? by way of recommendation, it would be great that every week you were down the time you spend on YouTube, so you’ll have a most productive day and it will reduce your leisure-time to watch videos of all kinds.

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