Do you want the clone of the scooter Xiaomi? Get it for only 204€

some time Ago we were able to try the scooter from Xiaomi to fund. What is certain is that we still use and seems to be a mobility solution great. The problem is that this scooter rarely dips below 350 euros and that amount is still very high for many users.

Today, poking around a bit on the net, we’ve found that there is a replica very interesting. Shows exactly the same design and even some similar capabilities. The good thing about this is that you lower your price a lot, because it is available for only 204€ offer with a guarantee of GearBest Spain.

Characteristics of the H-8510

If you ask what are their features to see what the differences are here I to the left:

  • Motor of 250 watts with a maximum speed of 25 km/h.
  • Battery 36V with 7500 mAh which can provide a autonomy of 30 km. The battery takes about 5 hours to charge to full.
  • Wheels of rubber of 8.5 inches.
  • folding Design.
  • Has LED light front and rear for added security.
  • rear Brake disc for increased safety when braking.
  • Supports adults up to 120 kg.

Without a doubt, nothing more to see to the naked eye it seems to us a very successful, with 30 km of autonomy and a maximum speed of 25 km/h is not bad. Do not forget that Xiaomi also has a version of the M365 with 250 watts.

Where to get and how to send to Spain?

The scooter is virtually identical to that of Xiaomi, that we do not see even a single difference. The product weighs about 13.4 Kg, compared to 12.5 Kg which is the weight of the Xiaomi. If you’re wondering how you can circle in Spain, here you have all the information.

In the box come with some tools, the scooter, the charger and an English manual. You can get it with 2 years warranty in Spain although it is sent from China. If you use the normal shipping (not fast) is the most common that does not pass through customs but you can add insurance to your shipment for just € 6 and thus you will avoid to pay an extra. It is recommended with lumps of great size because that they could stop at customs.

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