Do you remember the Snake? It will Android May 14 completely redesigned

Snake Rewind Android

In those times when smartphones were not yet perhaps only in a mind of a manufacturer’s own most mortals we had a Nokia . They were robust, resistant and whose phone battery last a week. It is true that Andro4all not exist, but we can not deny what we were be content with these non-intelligent devices.

Other than to call and send SMS, Nokia phones we hooked to your screen for hours because of a game, Snake. The most famous Candy Crush Saga or Angry Birds Snake was our favorite game for years .

With the advent of smartphones, Android and Nokia ostracism; people were leaving their Nokia 3210 and 3310 phones acquiring side smart with which you could surf the Internet, use the WhatsApp and enjoy other games with better graphics and history. Nokia was not the only forgotten, the Snake too.

But although always remain in our memory those long bus rides playing this game, its creator, Taneli Armento wants to get a current version for smartphones , and this will help developer Rumilus Design.

The new Snake called Snake Rewind will come to Android, iOS and Windows Phone same May 14 and just be an upgraded version of the classic. New graphics, more levels and different objectives for each screen. Of course, the game will include the most nostalgic classic Snake.

Are you ready to spend long hours making our beloved increasingly large snake? Remember the date, May 14. Too bad that the batteries do not hold as much now as in those days …

And you do you think? Head over to the Snake Do you remember? It will Android May 14 completely redesigned to make your mark.

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